Get 1.5 Years of Seed4.Me VPN and Proxy Premium Subscription

Get 1.5 Years of Seed4.Me VPN and Proxy Premium Subscription (with 30+ locations) genuinely and legally without entering any card info.

Only for Education Purpose.

What you need:

  •  A working email (Must be confirmed in a later stage to activate the services) ONLY


Note: 1.5 Years for new users who haven't registered before, a 1-year extension for existing users. Please follow the below method to successfully get it.


Step 1: Go here ( and enter your email id (need to be confirmed later), type-in a password.
Step 2: In 'Have a Coupon Code ?, enter: STAY HOME. It will show 'Get 6 months access for free' indicating that it was successfully redeemed. (you might think - He said 1.5 years, but this is just .5 years - WAIT FOR IT )
Step 3: Click on I've read and accept T&c and then click 'Register'.


SS -


Step 4: After registering, confirm your email to successfully activate half-year of premium subscription.

The next part is the same for both new and existing members. If you are an existing member or a new member who just followed my steps and registered, you can get your subscription renewed by 1 year. To add one year to your account, do the following :

1. Go here (Sharewareonsale) and click on the yellow Download Seed4me VPN Now.



2. If you wish to share the offers on Fb,twitter..etc click the respective options, else proceed down to 'I don't use Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin!' (Highlighted in red in image)



3. On the next page, fill out the details. All the fields are mandatory in order to get the offer. Click on I'm not a robot and then click on 'GIVE IT TO ME NOW' (You will receive subscription emails from Sharewareonsale like alerts on new offers n all, that can be unsubscribed anytime)



4. Please wait as it processes and it will redirect to a page where you will get your unique voucher code worth $36.


You will also receive the registration info in your email that you have entered in the previous step.



5. Login to your Seed4me account using this link

6. After logging in, Click on this link to extend your subscription period.

7. Scroll down to Voucher or prepaid card and click on it.


8. Enter your unique Voucher code there. You will be instantly notified below '+1 Year access' if your code is valid. Click on the Redeem voucher or prepaid card. Do not close the browser


9. You will be redirected and will be notified that the payment was successful.


10. You will also receive an email confirming the receipt of the payment.


You now have a fully licensed Seed4.Me Professional subscription for 1.5 years worth more than $59.

Download the app, install it, select 'Sign in with an existing account' during installation type in your account information. After the setup installs select - Thank you, I will use it for free.
Now you can use the Premium subscription with unlimited traffic.

You will receive an update during this time and you are also eligible for Tech support from Seed4me till your subscription ends.

(Note: Nothing will show up under your subscriptions, but the remaining days will be shown in your dashboard.

Days left: 549 days

Subscription: None)

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This is a limited time offer, so act fast. I am in no way affiliated with anyone mentioned in the post. All are direct links.